TIME to act on Road Speed Compliance


In late January Austroads published a research paper to guide local governments on developing and implementing road safety management frameworks according to Safe System principles. Please find a copy of this report here.

The role of speed in the safety system is again emphasized in that publication and certain approaches are outlined how to address the issue of speed compliance.

While that particular paper focusses on local government roads, the dedicated issue of speed compliance is of relevance on all roads and impact even increases given an exponential relationship between speed and the risk of fatalities.

(Source: Austroads Research 2020, therein Jurewicz, Sobhani at al (2015) and based on Wramborg)


Speed reduction has a strong impact on risks related to injuries and deaths. The below table is outlining the degree of change a reduction in speed can have on those risks. For example, reducing speed by only 10% can reduce fatalities by more than 1/3. That is significant.

(Source: Austroads 2020 Research Report AP-R612-20)


Austroads highlights several levers to achieve critical reduction in speed. While all of those are exceptionally relevant, we would like to point your attention to the following recommendations outlined: (Source: Austroads 2020 Research Report AP-R612-20)

“… make comprehensive use of technology to improve the safety of the road transport system.”
“… Try out new tools …”
“… Let data drive road safety policy…”

So, Speed reduction is critical and significant but how to achieve tangible results, especially in high risk areas, like temporary work sites?

ARROWES eSAS is our solution to speed reduction. eSAS has proven its effectiveness in multiple deployments by Tier 1 Construction organisations, Government agencies, Councils and Traffic Control companies. One trial confirmed eSAS increases speed compliance by 24% (Source: Downer)

eSAS combines those recommendations into one smart device:

1) A proven technology solution to reduce speed
2) A portable device easy to deploy and operate at temporary sites

3) A tool collecting data to benchmark different methods reducing speed and able to prove its own effectiveness.

eSAS: Patent No. 2020100193


eSAS is an effective and proven tool to manage speed at your critical sites. It’s available to use and we would be delighted to demonstrate its portability and easy handling.


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