Nationwide Downer Trial concluded eSAS increases Speed Compliance by 24%


Speed remains the single most dangerous safety hazard at temporary roadwork and construction sites. Addressing speed to create a safe work environment Downer initiated a series of nationwide trials to assess different technology solutions, traffic plans and safety equipment.

More than 41,000 vehicles data have been collected at roadwork sites across all Australian states, each sites followed a standardized set of traffic plans to ensure data output is comparable.

The eSAS was deployed to interact with motorists, logged data of driver behaviors, such as speed, time as well as GPS location of the sign. The analysed data concluded the most effective system to REDUCE SPEED on the approach was the application of the eSAS.

ARROWES’ eSAS increased speed compliance on approach by 24% on average. Making the eSAS even more effective certain, optional features have proven valuable. Our engineering team can provide different sizes, display arrangements and mounting options.

Please contact us for a demo or further discussion on safety in your area of responsibility. Our inhouse engineering team will customize the eSAS for your application and use.

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