Truck Mounted Attenuators

Built with your Roading Safety needs in mind.

Building a Truck Mounted Attenuator is a significant investment from financing to specifications to suit your budget needs and Australian Standards, choosing the right cab-chassis for durability and performance is another.

Independent from particular brands, we can answer all your questions and concerns prior to finalising your TMA build spec and design.

At ARROWES, we can help you to compare different attenuators options in the market, run you through the pros and cons, to arrive at a design and budget which suits your budget, including procuring your cab chassis of choice and financing if required.

With the expertise ARROWES has developed over the years we can do much more than just the standard TMA builds. ARROWES’ custom TMA builds complement industry proven standard builds with options and accessory add-on of your choice. For example, standard DVRs and cameras to thermal imaging cameras to capture night imaging where the bright headlight is too bring for standard camera to capture and record images.  Another example for your option would be the automatic downloading of your recording once the equipment is within proximity of your server network so those important recording is not lost.

Technology can close many gaps, talk to us about your TMA needs and application challenges.

  • 6mm Flat Tray Body with under Tray Tool Box or custom body to design spec
  • Fit 4 Point Safety Harness System and Crash Box on driver wide with passenger side add-on option
  • NATA accredited Australian compliant B Size Penta Colours VMS
  • C Size Arrow Board Complete with Air RAM System
  • Dual Battery system with Battery Earth Isolator
  • Independent third party Engineers Certification and Plate
  • Auto Impact Brake System with Micro Switch
  • Air Horn System – AIB Activation & INCAB Emergency Button
  • 2x LED Work Lamp, 6x MS6BS-AA and 6x LED Beacons
  • 2x UHF Radio System as standard with options to custom
  • 1TB DVR Recorder and 4 x Camera System with 7″ Monitor, split options
  • Beacons and in CAP Controller
  • Control Box and Custom Dash Panel

Complementing any Standard TMA build ARROWES can provide addition customizations:

  • Thermal Camera
  • Auto DVR upload to Server
  • Complete Mine Specifications
  • Advanced Body Solutions
  • Company Branding body wraps
  • In vehicle tracking


  • Mash Compliant
  • Known, tested and proven
  • Easy to transport


  • Mash Compliant


  • Not Mash Compliant
  • Easy deployment with protection also in underplayed position


  • Not Mash Compliant
  • Easy deployment with protection also in underplayed position
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