Pilot Vehicle

ARROWES Oversize Signs automatically fold and lay flat on your cabin or are actuated upfront to warn motorists ahead. It has a perfect, sleek design and is easy to install and operate for pilot & patrol vehicles.

Pilot vehicles are typically used to inform motorists of heavy vehicle transportation, and to escort and ensure the safe passage of heavy vehicles and machinery traveling on public roads.

Typically, pilot vehicles will take positions directly in front and behind the oversized or heavy vehicle or convo, while displaying “OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD” signage. This precaution is taken as a safety measure for oversized trucks. One escort vehicle will ride several miles ahead of the truck to ensure the road ahead can accommodate the truck’s oversize dimensions.

Our lay-flat Pilot Vehicle signs can be actuated as warning signs or lay flat on the cabin roof to limit wind resistance as much as possible.

Actuation is based on the Arrow Board actuators and can be controlled remotely from the cabin. Control can also be integrated with a VMS touchscreen or tablet.

  • Double sided Sign and frame.
  • 2 X 12 v Alert Amber Rotating Beacons
  • Class 2 reflective background
  • Mounted on a powder coated aluminium frame
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Low profile system—lies flat when down
  • Universal hole mount in each corner for mounting to roof racks or custom mount
  • Wiring with plug attachment
  • Frame with strut and stay
  • Hinge for lay flat when not in operation
  • Gas Strut Option Available
  • Electric Actuator with switch to raise and lower the sign available
  • Mounting racks to suit most vehicles
  • Supplied complete with wiring harness, switches, fuse, etc.
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Designed and Made in Australia