Pioneers In Road
Safety Since 1995

We at ARROWES are a company well-known for producing high-quality Australian made arrow boards. This strong and stellar reputation has stood for many decades. Over the years, our engagements and close relationships with road authorities, national traffic control clients, and Tier 1 infrastructure and construction companies have grown even further. Exciting new ideas have evolved as a result of these partnerships.

ARROWES’ focus and DNA is safety for the roading industry. We pioneered the eSTOP, the eSAS and the “Green” Modular Solutions. Traffic control utility vehicles no longer need to sit idling, and instead of using energy from a running engine, traffic control equipment operators can now make use of solar renewable energy in operating these mechanisms.

Our journey has only just started. A continuous flow of ground-breaking technological solutions will be sure to underline our ambitions here at ARROWES, for many years to come.

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Arrowes’ success story is shared by its owners and employees.

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