Known for a Series of Safety Innovations

ARROWES has truly evolved into a pioneer of roading safety solutions within the construction and infrastructure industry. Instead of merely accepting the status quo of available products and accepted related risks for frontline workers and road users, ARROWES consciously invests and engages with the industry. We are constantly innovating and working to improve.

Combined with our company’s continuous capability investments into R&D, these efforts have led to a series of industry-relevant safety advancements. These have played a central role in saving many lives and reducing injuries incurred. Because of all of this and more, ARROWES remains a market leader and award winner in its field.

The eSTOP Family

The eSTOP Solution has Completely Changed the Risk Profile for Workers in Live Traffic.

Instead of having to stand in the line-of-fire of speeding vehicles, flying projectiles and irate motorists (not to mention being subject to burning sun and its effects of fatigue and dehydration); traffic workers can now perform their duties from safe grounds. This is all thanks to the eSTOP solution.

When it comes to innovation, we haven’t rested on our laurels. Our engineering team is constantly developing new releases and new variants to the standard eSTOP model; ensuring each niche and project-specific application is addressed and that workers across the industry can benefit from this safety milestones.

Currently, we have three eSTOP variants available. We also offer multiple add-ons such as cameras and DVR recording. Our team is continuing to work on further integration with other products.

Advanced Speed Management

Conceptualised as Add-On to the eSTOP, Our Electronic Speed Awareness Sign Quickly Evolved into a Strong Standalone Solution.

With its powerful combination of driver interaction sign and automated traffic statistics, this innovative tool has facilitated many deployments across Australia and New Zealand.

The easy handling and mobility of the eSAS, (a concept leveraging the successful eSTOP tripod leg method), made it the device of choice for a nationwide Downer trial. Compared to several other methods to reduce speed at the approach of construction sites, the eSAS impressed by delivering 24% increase in speed compliance.

Find out more about the eSAS on our product page and watch this site for upcoming integrated solutions involving the eSAS.