Arrow Boards – ARROWES’ Flagship Product for 20+ Years

ARROWES’ signature product remains 100% manufactured in Australia. Available in different sizes and variants, we are proud to offer the most reliable product in the market with a warranty rate of less than 1%.

Our arrow boards are our flagship product. They not only deliver on reliability, but also on reducing environmental impacts.

The durability of our arrow boards means fewer will end up in the waste dump. Our arrow boards have a lifespan of beyond 6 years, which is significantly greater than others on the market that may last only 1-2 years.  Today, we are still supplying for our arrow boards which have had 10 years of useful life.  This means sustainability of 10 times better than many of our competition.

Furthermore, as we are locally made and use local sourcing of raw materials (except LED), we significantly reduce our CO2 impact by 105kg CO2/tonne by minimising off-shore logistics.

  • Australia’s most reliable Arrow Board with 20+ years track record
  • Available in 4 different standard sizes and different feature options
  • 100% compliant with Australian standards and NATA approved
  • Controlled via optional IP65 rated windows tablet

Type A
Dimension: 1260 x 650 mm
LEDs: 13
Speed: Up to 80 km/h

Type B
Dimension: 1500 x 770 mm
LEDs: 15
Speed: Up to 100 km/h

Type C
Dimension: 2400 x 1200 mm
LEDs: 17
Speed: Up to 100 km/h

Dimension: 2200 x 2175 mm
LEDs: 25
Speed: Up to 100 km/h

Tablet Control
Picture tablet wireless control with IP65 rated tablet enables single device control of Arrow Board and VMS board.

Cabin Device Control
Simple in cabin device control for simplified operations.

Single sided
Single sided arrow boards for most cost efficient use cases.

Double sided
Double sided arrow boards for improved front and rear visibility and traffic alerts.

Roof Mounted
Roof mounted on any vehicle type.

Cage Mounted
Arrow boards embedded into secure cage options.

Ute Mounted
Mounted on traffic control utes

Truck Mounted
Mounted on any purpose trucks

Alert Beacons
Variety of beacons to be mounted with arrow boards. Details to be found on our “Spare Parts” page.

Interested in our Arrow Boards?

Become part of the Arrowes community and let us provide you with further details. Our team will be available to discuss your Arrow Boards specifics, available types, control- and add-on options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your Arrow Boards come from?

All our products, including our Arrow boards, are 100% manufactured in our Brendale Workshops. We don’t import and resell. We design and manufacture inhouse and guarantee quality and serviceability.

Do you supply Australia and New Zealand wide?

We do supply Australia and New Zealand wide.

How can we control your Arrow Boards?

We provide two options controlling our boards. The basic option is via the traditional in-cabin control box. The more advanced option would be via our IP65 rated windows-based tablet, what would include the ability to control any VMS board with the same device.

What additional equipment can we order from Arrowes complementing our Arrow Boards?

Please see our spare parts page for beacon options, work lights and other accessories options.

“I have been in the Traffic Controlling industry since 2004. I have not used another Arrow Board, aside from Arrowes’ Boards for 16 years and I never regretted that.”

David Schramm - Schramm Group

Designed and Made in Australia