One Stop Shop for Traffic Control Ute Fit-outs


ARROWES is providing end-to-end solutions for standardized or client-specific vehicle fit-outs. Leveraging our in-house engineering, metal works, welding, and auto-electrical teams we can provide literally any design and fit-out required.

Complemented with our in-house made Arrow- and VMS Boards, we are a one-stop-shop for your vehicle needs.

Talk to our team for advanced safety features like dash cams, vehicle IoT management and solar / battery enhancements.

For clients requiring the complete full fit-out inclusive of corflute signs, sandbags, and cones, ARROWES is able to provide full quotes to include these as well as any body wrapping required.  From your perspective, the vehicle is ready to be driven off to your project.

Arrow Board

Add any size Arrow Board from our full range manufactured in-house

VMS Boards

Add any size VMS Board from our full range manufactured in-house

Secure Cage

Customised secure cages with multiple storage options and add-on features

Solar & Battery

Solar and Battery power for VMS- and Arrow Boards for reduced Carbon Footprint and reduced fuel consumption.

IP65-rated Tablet Control

Wireless control of VMS- and Arrow Boards via a Windows-based tablet made for harsh environments

Dash Cam

Professional dash cams for high resolution and wide-angle video footage as well as separate storage of event-triggered recordings to avoid accidental removal

Oversized Sign

Add required signage for Pilot Vehicles

eSTOP compartment

Secure cages customised to fit eSTOP Bags for space efficient, safe and easily accessible storage

Add on Accessories

Enhancing your Ute with any required work lights, beacons, cameras or DVR recording. Please visit our spare part section for details.

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Interested in Ute fit-outs?

Become part of the Arrowes community and let us provide you with further details. Our team will be available to discuss your project needs and recommend best practice solutions, features and add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the Ute fit-out Arrowes is doing inhouse?

Arrowes has a fully equipped team of engineers and auto electricians. We will do 100% of the fit-out work in house and provide warranty and service for the entire scope of work.

What flexibility do I have on Ute design and elements?

You have 100% flexibility on how your fleet should look like when leaving our workshop. We even work with advertising and print companies to add vehicle design options to your fleet.

Designed and Made in Australia