VMS – Variable Message Sign Boards

We are one of the few in-house design and manufacturers of Australian Standard compliant VMS boards. Our VMS boards are of high-resolution, IP65, luminosity, colours and viewing distance having an received an independent accreditation from NATA.

All-Size VMS Boards NATA accredited are capable of Bluetooth control via a tablet.

Users can switch between displayed signs in just a matter of seconds. All standard signs are provided via tablet. Individual sequences and displays can be customised and created by each user on the touch screen or Bluetooth tablet.

Aside from our standard sizes, we can meet with any custom sizing required.


  • Australia’s most reliable VMS Board Made in Australia
  • Available in different standard sizes and different feature options
  • All sizes available in Amber and Penta colour
  • 100% compliant with Australian standards and NATA approved
  • Control via tablet or LCD touchscreen
  • Ability to design own signs and messages “on the fly” with tablet control
  • Software includes all Australian standard road signs
  • Frameless, transparent VMS as small scale add on for all types of front line vehicles

Mini VMS Bar
Size: 900 x 150 x 80 mm
Pixel: 48 x 8
Character height: 112 mm
Max Character: 9 characters per frame, 256 characters for scrolling message

Transparent VMS
Pixel Size: 2.3 mm with 6144 Pixels in total
Outline Size: 890W x 280H x 30D mm
Display Size: 750W x 250H x 30D mm
Transparency: 60%

Type A
Character Height: 210 mm
Display Size: 1440W x 840H mm
Frame Size: 1640W x 1040H x 110D mm
Speed: Up to 60 km/h

Type A+

Character Height: >240 mm
Display Size: 1680W x 960H mm
Frame Size: 1880W x 1160H x 110D mm
Speed: Up to 60 km/h

Type B
Character Height: 322 mm
Display Size: 2208W x 1288H mm
Frame Size: 2408W x 1488H x 110D mm
Speed: 60 km/h – 90 km/h

Type C
Character Height: 406 mm
Display Size: 2784W x 1624H mm
Frame Size: 2984W x 1824H x 110D mm
Speed: Over 90 km/h

Tablet Control
Picture Tablet Control Wireless control with IP65 rated tablet enables single device control of Arrow Board and VMS board.

Cabin Device Control
Simple in Cabin Device control for simplified operations.

Ability to include Camera and DRVR recording for increased safety and compliance follow up.


Speed: from 20 to 150KPH

Detective range (Radar): 150 m

Visibility (min): 100m

Logging: Vehicle count and speed

Data Log capacity: (SD card 16GB Max.) 300 days of data per 1GB

Operation: When Radar is enabled, the VMS will operated as normal if no speed is detected. If speed is detected, the VMS will show the vehicle speed for 2s, if the speed is over the set Speed Limit, the set Warning Message will be shown for 2s, then back to normal message. Then the cycle repeats.

Cage Mounted
Ability to use VMS Board as Driver Interaction device, displaying speed and related messages.

Ute Mounted
Mounted on Traffic Control Utes.

Truck Mounted
Mounted on any purpose Trucks

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Interested in our VMS Boards?

Become part of the Arrowes community and let us provide you with further details. Our team will be available to discuss your VMS specifics, available types, control- and add-on options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your VMS Boards come from?

All our products, including our VMS Boards, are 100% manufactured in our Brendale Workshops. We don’t import and resell. We design and manufacture in-house and guarantee quality and serviceability.

Do you supply Australia and New Zealand wide?

We do supply Australia and New Zealand wide. Please approach us for freight costs.

How can we control your VMS Boards?

We provide two options controlling our boards. The basic option is via the traditional in-cabin control box. The more advanced option would be via our IP65 rated windows-based tablet, what would include the ability to control any Arrow board with the same device.

What additional equipment can we order from Arrowes complementing our VMS Boards?

Please see our Spare Parts page for beacon options and other equipment we are offering.

Designed and Made in Australia