“Green” Modular Fit-out

It is possible to reduce the CO2 impact on the environment when using our traffic control utes.  ARROWES has designed a “Green” alternative to the classic hardwire Ute fit-out, which not only reduces CO2 emissions but also reduces fuel costs. The design requires no hardwiring to the vehicle; It is a fully self-contained system, powered by solar with a battery storage solution giving you flexibility to utilise your vehicle as a traffic control ute, or just a ute for general purpose.

ARROWES’ modular design combines CO2 reduction, fuel consumption and maintenance due to idle engine, giving you full flexibility on your Ute utilisation.

Our Modular fit-out comes with two major advantages. Firstly, it includes solar panels and battery storage options to allow an engine-free operation of Arrow and VMS Boards. Besides helping the environment, this solution reduces petrol costs as solar energy is used during operation or is stored to the battery for later consumption.

Secondly, the modular concept enables operations and fleet managers to flexibly deploy vehicles as needed. Your entire fleet can be fitted out from a general-purpose ute to a full traffic control ute within minutes.  Simply forklift the Modular Fit-out onto a ute and it becomes a traffic control vehicle, no wiring to the vehicle is required.  The system is completely a Bluetooth control operation.

  • Fully customizable secure cage meeting your specific needs
  • Optional VMS and Arrow Boards embedded
  • Optional Solar and Battery package for 100% engine independent operation of VMS- and / or Arrow Boards
  • Dramatic reduction of CO2 and Fuel charges during traffic control operations
  • No single wire between secure cage and vehicle
  • 100% flexibility to forklift cage installation on and off Utes as needed

Cage Design

Any secure cage compartments, measures and features are possible. Share your measurements and ideas and we manufacture in-house.

Our cage designs are not only a secure but also safe.  No more slamming on fingers as they are all fully hydraulic.  Our designs can include an eSTOP cage.

Solar & Battery

The solar and battery are sized to suit your equipment fit-out, such as Arrow boards, VMS and other accessories. Your equipment will be powered entirely from renewable sources. There is no more idle engine, and no hardwire connection to your vehicle or its power supply.

VMS / Arrow Board

Select from our in-house manufactured VMS and Arrow Board range your preferred size and set-up.

Add on Accessories

Enhancing your cage with any required work lights, beacons, cameras or DVR recording. Please visit our “Spare Parts” section for details.

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Interested in our Green fit-out?

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Designed and Made in Australia