eSTOPTM won the 2019 AAPA Safety Initiative Award QLD


Gratefully we are honoured and would like to share the 2019 AAPA Queensland Safety Initiative Award with all of you who have contributed and made a difference in safety for our industry. In this regard, we would like to acknowledge all the pioneers and early adopters of the system, without whom the eSTOPTM solution would have never been deployed and the lives it saved, would never have been saved, nor the reduction in the number of injuries, incidents and near misses would have been reduced.

We would also like to acknowledge QLD DTMR for taking the lead and VicRoads, Main Roads WA, DPTI, ACT and RMS for their approval of the system to be used on Australian roads.

The eSTOPTM has been awarded for its day-to-day contributions to increased safety on our roads and work sites as well as its impact on overall working conditions for our frontline workers.

Saving lives and preventing injuries is by far the biggest award our eSTOPTM safety solution can ever achieve. Our engineering team is proud to have been part of this.

Our engineers pioneered the design and development of the eSTOPTM system. This recognition will motivate us even further to continue with our endeavour, bringing forth more safety innovations.


The eSTOPTM is proudly Designed- and Made-in-Australia  by Australia’s own competencies and talents.

For those of you have not seen the eSTOPTM in action, book a demo, get your own view of how the eSTOPTM can help your projects, your council or your organization to improve safety to create
a better working environment for your frontline workers.


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