Why choose ARROWES
as your partner for safety solutions?

ARROWES understands the importance of safety in the roading industry, and the risks associated with working in live traffic and in high-speed environments. We transform that knowledge and experience into high quality locally made products and solutions, that also help to protect our environment and make projects more efficient.

Local Sourcing

Our manufacturing facilities are closely embedded into the local and regional supply chain and ecosystem.

ARROWES sources as many components, parts and supplies as possible from our Queensland and Australian suppliers. We support the local business community and ensure our close connections benefit our clients in terms of response times, quality and service.

However, ARROWES goes beyond commercial networks. We engage with local universities and provide unique opportunities to local talents and graduates, placing them in high-value engineering roles. We cooperate with universities and research organisations to bring innovation to Queensland and sustainable manufacturing back to Australia.

Commitment To
Customer Service

Owning an ARROWES product means you’re guaranteed to receive excellent after-sales service.

Our customers not only buy a high-quality product, but have the added assurance of our after-sales service. We manufacture all our products in-house so we can service, maintain and (if needed) repair all equipment in our own facilities. We stock all components required and can respond quickly to any service, repair and/or upgrade requests.

Technology Leadership

Secure your fleet and equipment investments by selecting ARROWES as your partner of choice.

Our engineering teams work continuously with industry thought leaders, interstate clients, and safety experts from the private sector and government. This allows us to provide innovative solutions and products as matched to the roading safety community.

Using ARROWES’ solutions means your primary objective is looking after your people. You also want to feel confident that the use of safety technology is optimised across your sites. This maximises the ideals of safety and efficiency at the same time, so your satisfaction is ultimately guaranteed.

Protecting Our Joint Environment

Beyond our focus on Roading Safety solutions, ARROWES has a strong commitment to CO2 reduction which helps to protect the environment for generations to come.

We have implemented the philosophy to avoid any non-recyclable raw material, hazardous components or non eco-friendly goods firmly within our supply chain and design process. This assures our environmental commitment.

Our engineering department is consistently developing roading safety solutions to aid our clients in reducing CO2 emissions during their daily jobs. This enables all of us to increase environmental awareness and to do our part in protecting the ecosystem.