eSAS® – electronic Speed Awareness Sign

Patent ID: 2020100193

SPEED is the number one risk on any road work sites.  ARROWES’ electronic Speed Awareness Sign (eSAS®) has been designed with for the single reason :  To reduce speed of motorists on the approach to job sites.  The eSAS is the most effective solution for reducing speed, making project sites safer for your frontline workers.

The eSAS® is yet another innovation that ARROWES is proud to introduce to improve roading safety.  ARROWES took the much desired features of the eSTOP, making vehicle activated signs “VAS” or “SAM”, that Australians are so familiar with, portable, easy to use and even more functional. Not only is it a very powerful driver interaction tool, but it also collects traffic data.

The eSAS could be a game changer for you, let us tell you how!

We all want to do the right thing, but sometimes we just need a little reminder.  The eSAS is designed to be implemented on the approach to a worksite, responding to driver speed and providing live feedback.  It encourages drivers to abide by speed reductions and ensures that they are compliant to speed restrictions well before they each your work site.

An independent trial by Downer conducted across Australia in 2019 demonstrated that the eSAS improved speed compliance by 24%.  It was proven to be more effective than any other solution in speed reduction compliant.

So what can the eSAS do for your?

  • Create speed awareness for motorists approaching your work site
  • Offer several display options for you to choose from
  • Record traffic data (speed, GPS time stamp, number of vehicles)
  • Give you the ability to understand driver behaviour in different traffic plan, times and how they respond to different display options
  • Lightweight, compact ease of transportation
  • Interacts with distracted Drivers, remind and bring to attention their speed
  • Embedded radar solution for speed specific displays and data logging
  • Simply of use, 4 switches to select e.g. set the speed, select smiling to sad face, different texts, display / not display speed
  • Fast and Ease of set up
  • Data Logging (Vehicle count, individual vehicle speed, GPS location and timestamp) embedded SD card for easy .csv file download
  • 5000 days of data storage (16GB)
  • Self-contained unit, including battery, charger on tri-pod legs
  • Total weight of 20kg split between 3 components
  • Wind Load tested up to 110 Km/h with 3 x sandbags on each leg
  • Smiley and Sad face plus additional display messages pre-programmed
  • Radar detects vehicle at 150 m distance
  • Approx 20h battery life at 80% operating time (bypassing vehicles)

The eSAS® Standard is the lightest version of the eSAS family with a 7 kg display head.

Display area: 320 mm x 320 mm.

The B-Size eSAS® has been developed for high-speed road and is larger than the eSAS Standard, with a 13.8 Kg display head.
Display area: 430 mm x 430 mm.

Given the larger display space, the battery life is slightly reduced to 15 hrs, while wind loading under the same sand backloading conditions of 50kg; each leg is only reduced to 100 KPH.

The eSAS® Double was developed to support single lane, two way traffic locations. All display functions are mirrored and embedded into one display head. All remaining functions are 100% alike to  the eSAS Standard.

Given the need to power 2 display heads, the battery life is expected at 14hrs; while the total display head weights 13 kg.

Protective carry case and bags for display head, tripod leg, and battery.
Provides an easy-to-carry and secure storage for all eSAS® solution components.

Front and rear (eSAS® Double) camera recording providing further protection for front line workers and evidence in insurance cases.

Camera footage includes GPS location, time-stamp as well as indicating traffic light status. Recording on embedded SD card.

Alert Beacon
Each eSAS® can be enhanced with Acoustic and Visual Alarm Beacons to be activated in case of dramatic speeding compliance breaches, or on a permanent base if selected.

Plant Mounted
Each eSAS® display head can be mounted to mobile plants and utes, with or without direct power supply to the vehicle. ARROWES offers customised mounting options based on your vehicle and plant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is part of an eSAS set?

Each set includes 1 unit of eSAS, 1 Battery, 1 Battery Holder and 1 tripod leg, as well as an SD card and a battery charger. Additional components as well as additional spare parts can be purchased separately.

Do you supply Australia and New Zealand wide?

We do supply Australia wide. Orders for New Zealand should be placed via Fulton Hogan New Zealand as exclusive distribution partner.

Do I need additional software to access and analyse the traffic data recorded?

The SD card contains all recorded data in CSV format, what can be easily opened and analysed by MicroSoft Excel.

Can I change the displayed messages and warnings?

All current signs and texts are pre-set. Please contact us if you special display requirements.

“In our Nationwide Trial, the eSAS has improved motorists compliance at the approach by 24%.”

Downer Ben Hur Program

Designed and Made in Australia