Automated Cone Truck

The Automated Cone Truck (ACT) pioneers a new way of working in live traffic. Single Driver operated, the ACT removes workers from the line of fire and makes repetitive manual heavy lifting the job of a robotic solution, mounted on a commercial truck.

Patent Application ID: 2019904761

The Automated Cone Truck (ACT) sets a new benchmark in roading safety and is another proud ARROWES’ innovation.  It redefines safety standards when working in live, high-speed traffic sites.  It requires only a single operator to safely deploy and retrieve cones on site.   It can be operated on both side (left or right) and can operate forward or reverse.  What this means is that you no longer need to expose your traffic workers to the risk of unpredictable traffic and can instead have them doing jobs from a safe distance.

The ACT, another ARROWES invention that redefines safety standards and is a life-saving piece of machinery.

  • Single driver operated vehicle
  • In cabin dashboard and industrial grade robust tablet control
  • Semi-autonomous deployment and retrieval of traffic cones
  • Deployment and retrieval of cones in both forward and reverse directions
  • Able to operate on both left and right sides
  • Adjustable cone spacing between 3m to 24m
  • Manual “FORCED” cone deployment when required
  • Integrated arrow board and VMS
  • upto 400 cone capacity, expandable or reduction on capacity customisation available
  • Central Command Center dashboard portal for history of cone deployments, events and operational performance
  • Onboard system keeps track of number of cones loaded and assess cone requirements based on spacing and distance input
  • Laser assisted retrieval alignment
  • Options for cameras, DVRs and accessories
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