Introducing the Award Winning Arrowes Automated Cone Truck.

The single-driver operated ACT removes workers from the line of fire and pioneers a new, safe way of working in live traffic.


Patent number: 2020404443

Designed and built entirely in Australia, we believe the Automated Cone Truck (ACT) will be the future of road cone deployment and retrieval. Doing so more safely than ever before with just a single driver operator seated inside the cab, out of harm’s way.

The ACT removes workers from the line of fire, making the high-exposure, high-risk task of repetitive manual heavy lifting amongst live traffic the job of a mechatronic solution.

This is a solution that decreases the risks of being exposed to live traffic, reduces long-term injuries from repetitive manual heavy lifting, and potentially saves lives.


  • Single driver / operator
  • 400 Cone Capacity
  • In cabin dashboard and industrial grade robust tablet control
  • Automated deployment and retrieval of traffic cones
  • Deployment and retrieval of cones in both forward and reverse directions
  • Able to operate on both left and right sides
  • Adjustable cone spacing between 3m to 24m
  • Manual “forced” cone deployment when required
  • Integrated arrow board and VMS
  • Onboard system keeps track of number of cones loaded and assess cone requirements based on spacing and distance input
  • Laser assisted retrieval alignment
  • Options for cameras, DVRs and accessories
  • Built on a 14T cab chassis with air suspension to cushion travel for the equipment and driver
400 Cone Capacity

With a capacity of 400 cones, the ACT is equipped to close over 9km of highway without stopping. This is over twice the capacity of most conventional cone trucks.

Deployment and Retrieval

Cone spacing is set by the operator from 3m to 24m. However, the user can configure an automatic deployment profile with the required spacings and distances for easy integration with the worksite’s traffic guidance scheme.

Operator’s control tablet

The touch control interface is simple, user friendly and smart.

The ACT’s smart tracking and planning system constantly tracks the number of cones placed and the number left onboard. The operator simply inputs the distance, desired cone spacing and the system will calculate and inform if there are sufficient cones onboard to meet that distance and spacing. The ACT can also alert the operator when there is a need to replenish cone stock.

Automation / Robotics

Developed to have the least moving parts possible with robust and proven components, the ACT features several automations designed to improve health, safety and efficiency.

  • Deploy and retrieval mechatronics
  • Automated roller doors
  • Automated air safety booms
  • Generator controlled from within cab
Emergency Stop

The ACT has a total of 6 emergency stops. 3 of which are readily available to the operator and bystanders and 3 emergency/ isolation stops for maintenance purposes.

Obstruction Detection

Any object or persons crossing the defined zones on either side of the vehicle will cause the ACT to immediately stop operations. The operator can then check for hazards and once deemed safe and clear of any danger, they can reset and continue operations.

Non-tipping cones

Custom designed, our RA90060 cones stand up to harsh temperature and strong wind conditions. Cones are designed to be tipped as far as 45 degrees and still return to a standing position.

They meet with Australian standards and have the following specifications:

  1. 900mm height
  2. 6kg weight
  3. Cone is made with 100% PVC
  4. Base is made from recycled PVC
  5. Temperature range -18 – 50 degrees Celsius
  6. Tensile strength at 500mm/min is 13 Mpa
  7. Hardness is at Shore A75
Cameras and Sensors

A full suite of 8 cameras provide 360 degree vision giving the operator complete situational awareness and allowing fleet managers to comprehensively review incidents.

The cameras are supported by 2 x 8 channel DVR with 1TB enabling 150 hours continuous recording. The cameras are projected on 4 monitors positioned in the operator’s cabin. The ACT also comprises of smart vision cameras and multitude of sensors for cone detection.


We have integrated our complete range of traffic control products into the ACT including our in-house designed and manufactured arrow boards and variable message signs, making the ACT a single vehicle solution.

More information on the Variable Messaging Sign

More information on our Arrow boards

Other safety features

Handbrake alarms, reverse squawker, jump start, starter lockout, wheel nut indicators, wheel chokers, spill kit, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, 3 x work lights, 4 x beacons, 4 x Laser lights


Various alerts have been programmed into the HMI to popup based on activity and duration of use. These alerts include but are not limited to:

  • ACT mechanical service reminder
  • Generator service reminder
  • Cone storage empty
  • Air pressure system
  • Error/Faults

Three troubleshooting methods are available for the ACT, these include:

  • Quick troubleshooting guide provided in the user manual
  • Support Engineer remote troubleshooting
  • Support Engineer onsite callout troubleshooting

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Designed and Made in Australia