AEMS – Vehicle Tracking Solutions

ARROWES’ equipment management solution (AEMS) is designed for the special requirements of roading safety clients. It is intended to unlock hidden efficiencies for all valuable safety equipment and vehicles in a roading safety context.

In using AEMS, fleet and project managers get full transparency on vehicles deployed, incidents on the road, project-specific movements (geo fencing), driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance needs.

AEMS provides a cost-efficient solution for fleet and project managers in ensuring full transparency.  Reports can be generated when required and from any place, for specific project or contract-specific arrangements.

Complemented by ARROWES’ secure, hard-wired, proprietary IoT device, all equipment and vehicles can be tracked, recorded, optimised and remotely managed. Asset related data can be integrated into any receiving ERP system

  • Interactive dashboard for live view on current vehicle locations
  • Full transparency and history on vehicle trips
  • Reporting of trip related events and alarms, like speeding, harsh acceleration and braking and quick lane change
  • Geofence reporting
  • API based interface to your ERP system
  • Fatigue alert

Hard wired device
Our in-house developed tracking device is hard wired to your vehicle, ensuring safe data transmission to our central portal.

Plug-in device
We offer a plug-in option with easy self-install, while clients need to ensure their devices remain connected properly to the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the service come with SIM cards?

Arrowes is providing a package solution, including Telstra SIM cards.

Can you ensure data security for our fleet?

Besides using fully encrypted protocols, Arrowes is assigning different data bases for each client to ensure 100% data security. This means that only your company alone can see your fleet data.

Can we request customized reporting and analysis?

Arrowes can provide any customised report outside of our standard reports.  We have 100% control over the development and able to customise features to suit.

Designed and Made in Australia