eBOOM® – Portability

Patent Application ID: 2020901026

ARROWES’ eBOOM® solution provides a portable and simple but powerful standalone solution or a complementary add-on to the popular eSTOP®The portable boom gate can be easily deployed by a single person and is wirelessly connected to the very same eSTOP Hand Remote Controller (HRC).

100% Portable
100% Portable
Ute Mounted Close-Up

The eBOOM® consists of a portable eBOOM body, to be positioned at the back of a traffic control Ute and wirelessly controlled by the same HRC as those used for the eSTOP®.

By integrating the eBOOM into the eSTOP, you control the eSTOP and the eBOOM simultaneously, just by a single button. This provides both a traffic signal for motorists and a physical barrier at the same time while retaining the highly portable feature as seen in the eSTOP.

With a weight of just 21 kg, the eBOOM redefines the portability of boom gates. Easily set up by a single person, the eBOOM® is designed to be positioned at the back of a traffic control Ute.

Following the very same pairing procedure as used for the eSTOP, the eBOOM is controlled by the same eSTOP HRC and can easily be set to seamlessly synchronise with the eSTOP and its corresponding traffic light state.

Traffic workers can not only perform their duty outside of live traffic but also introduce an additional physical barrier to their job sites should this be required.

  • eBOOM® body weighs just 21kg
  • Sensor prevents arm lowering onto vehicles or people
  • Red warning light flashes when lowering and lowered
  • Connected and controlled by a fully encrypted HRC
  • Arm dislodges upon impact to reduce the risk of creating a projectile
  • 4 Second beeper warning prior to lowering
  • Plug-in boom arm of up to 3m
  • Can be positioned on a ute with no need for any extra mounting

Interested in eBOOM?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is part of an eBOOM set?

Each set includes 2 units of eBOOM Control Unit (ECU), 2 Expandable Boom Arms, incl. 2 HRC and 2 charger for HRC. Additional components as well as additional spare parts can be purchased separately.

Do you supply Australia and New Zealand wide?

We do supply Australia wide. Orders for New Zealand should be placed via Fulton Hogan New Zealand as exclusive distribution partner.

When I use the eSTOP and the eBOOM together, do I need to operate two handhelds?

The eBOOM and eSTOPTM are designed to work together seamlessly. Both devices can be linked to a single handheld.

Where should I position the eBOOM?

The current version of the eBOOM is designed to be located at the back of a Ute. Further versions are planned, incl. a tripod leg base.

Designed and Made in Australia