ArrowES Variable Speed Signs are designed for Portability, Reliability, Functionality and Visibility in road safety to communicate speed changes to motorist.

Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS) are ideal for areas requiring a variety of speed limits implemented in order to control the constantly changing road conditions in and near worksites.

Variable Speed Signs are electronic illuminated traffic signs emulating the static version of the conventional Speed Limit Regulatory Sign with the capacity to set any value speed limit.

VSLS’s are generally controlled by the Traffic Controllers to update speed prior and during works as required and are designed to operate either in single mode or groups.

Manufactured to meet strict optical and environmental standards ArrowES speed signs are currently in operation in some of Australia’s most prestigious ITS Projects.

Simple to setup, easy to operate and maintain.

The road work Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS) has been designed to meet the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority’s (RTA) OHS strategy for promoting at traffic work sites.

The VSLS assists in improving the safety of workers at road work sites by increasing road work speed sign visibility and driver compliance. The VSLS system is capable of controlling 10 individual variable speed limit signs within a single work site setup.

The speed flasher and sign type display is fully configurable via a user friendly remote control panel. An important feature of the VSLS system is its ability to quickly reflect a change in the required speed within the work site by remote control.

The VSLS system offers the following features:

  • 1 – 10 independently controlled signs
  • Remote radio controlled
  • Daylight readable LED displays
  • 5 preset speed displays
  • Static or interchangeable ‘ROAD WORK’ & ‘SLOW DOWN’ message
  • Class “B” sign size
  • 4 stage display dimming

Remote Control Features:

  • Within 100m range
  • Low signal and low battery warning
  • Optional: Radar system


  • Sign Type: Size B VSLS
  • Character Type: 250mm max (H)
  • Character Pixels: 23 x 30 (1 digits)
  • Total Pixels: 4744 LEDs
  • Display Technology: LED (premium quality High Intensity)
  • Display Colour: White characters (LED), and red annulus
  • Viewing Angle: 6 degrees (half angle)
  • Display Size: 780W x1440H (mm)
  • Warning Signals: Flashing warning lights (LED) top and bottom of sign
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 840W x 1144H x 120 (mm)
  • Total Weight: Sign face 36kg
  • Graphics Ability: Speed character only, Full matrix (version available)
  • Power: (12V DC) 4 Amps Rechargeable battery
  • Control Option: Local on sign control
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty
  • Diagnostics: Built in software for fault detection and testing
  • Enclosure: IP64, face plate 2mm non-glare UV polycarbonate screen, powder coated galvanized aluminum enclosure
  • Mounting Arrangement: Vehicle or Tri-Pod
  • Luminance Range: 60 – 60,000 cd/m2 for various luminance levels
(4 – 40,000 lux), 4 stage automatic dimming levels