When workers can do their job in a safer work environment, operations run smoother and more efficiently.

Cone trucks also referred to as Pod Trucks are used to get cones on the road in a safe and efficient manner. A cone truck requires not only a driver, but another individual positioned in a seat behind the cab of the truck. That person is able to quickly and safely place or remove cones on/from the road.

ArrowES cone trucks can carry up to 400 traffic cones on the tray of the vehicle. To prevent the operators from falling from the vehicle during operation, they wear belts and lanyards, which are secured to the truck via attachment points on the vehicle or rail

If safety is a priority on your projects, a cone truck is a must for emergency or lane closure operations

These trucks allow crews to place cones from the safety of the vehicle (instead of carrying heavy cones on the the side of a busy road). These trucks can work in conjunction with a shadow vehicle or, a Truck Mounted Attenuator and are used primarily by maintenance crews to establish temporary traffic control (think travel lane or shoulder restrictions). However, they can also be used by Local Road Authorities and Emergency Response Teams to assist with traffic control during crashes and other incidents.

Cone truck fitout can include Arrow boards and Variable Message Sign (VMS) which enables the work crew to, “provide clear communication to motorist.”

The high visibility of the lights on the signage makes directing traffic when the vehicle is parked within the closure/restriction, as well as when they are travelling at a slow speed which they can activate and change at any time to provide additional communication and real-time direction to drivers.


Forward, cab, rear deck and rear cameras • Reverse camera • All camera data recorded • VMS both colour and amber • Arrow board • Rear deck working lights • Reverse sound signal • Safety cut off switch • Safety harness • Cones and signage upon application